Wednesday, October 25, 2006

sick and tired

as of late i am feeling tired. very tired.

i try to stay atop of all the blogs and news posts but my heart just isn't in it lately. i hate to label it as being discouraged but that is exactly what it feels like. even though all the polls point to a democratic victory in the senate and possibly the house this november, i keep having flashbacks to two previous elections.

the elections in 2000 and 2004 are still painfully vivid in my mind - the polls all pointing to a democratic victory and then the horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach when i realized it was not going to happen.

the recent news of problems with voting machines in three large democratic districts in virginia, the multi-million dollar bankrolling of attack ads across the country, the predictable use of last minute pork to swing votes to the republican party - it just never seems to end. and it is all done in an attempt to keep one political party in total control of the government.

our 'commander in chief' has even taken to outright lying by saying that he never said "stay the course" in iraq. just how gullible does he really think americans are about iraq?

the loss of habeas corpus; the outsourcing of millions of jobs; the virtual destruction of the middle class - - how much more are americans going to take? and should the republicans find a way to steal some elections this year, would we, as good citizens, be willing to take to the streets and protest the further destruction of the constitution and our rights like they do in mexico, kyrgyzstan, zambia and the ukraine?

the proof is yet to be seen.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

survival of the fittest?

the midterm elections are approximately twenty-eight days away. the big question is: will we survive?

team bush seems determined to do everything in its power to wipe america off the face of the planet. perhaps el presidente is under the impression that wearing his religion on his sleeve will save his soul. or maybe he believes, as the fundamentalists do, that he will miss global-thermo-nuclear war as the rapture takes him and the "truly faithful" away from it all.

of course, that is all supposition – that his higher power actually approves of what he has done and is doing. that the rest of the world is in the wrong and that america doesn’t have to listen to the concerns of the rest of the world, or even its own citizens. that God would approve of the rendition and torture of people; of the killing of innocent women and children in an illegal war; and of the death and mutilation of america’s young men and women to promote the war machine and make the rich richer.

while our fearless leader is busy pulling the wings off the flies in iran and iraq, another madman is busy testing nuclear weapons and likewise daring us to “bring it on.” it makes you wonder if you should start stockpiling canned goods and water, or move to a neutral site that might be out of harm’s way.

i’m thinking antarctica might be the place to go, if it weren’t for the global warming. but that’s a different concern.

Friday, October 06, 2006

random thoughts

there is far too many things going on to comment on every single one of them. the recent events in the united states have been scrutinized and overanalyzed for the past two weeks. with all that has happened with the mark foley situation, i thought it would be appropriate to shed some thought on the things that got only a blip on the radar screen and thus were ignored or missed by the populace in general.


everyone knows about the terrible tragedy in the amish community – about the sad, twisted perversions of a single man whose repulsive intent ended before he tortured those little girls. but have we truly considered the grace and character of the people who lost children and neighbors? how they have put aside the natural instinct of hatred and retribution for the greater good of forgiveness and charity. the amish are a truly amazing people and must be commended for rising above the situation.


in the wake of the foley scandal, every other news story has been left in the dirt. what should be of particular interest is the loss of eighteen u.s. soldiers in iraq within a three day period. the number of deaths of iraqi citizens is also on the rise – some reports say it is as high as one hundred per day. and the infiltration of shite death squads in the iraqi police force has caused the removal of those policeman only to be replaced with american forces. “we’ll stand down as they’ll stand up”, mr. president? so much for that strategy.

my prayers and condolences to the family and friends of all who have lost.


condolezza rice is in full denial mode. first she denies ever been told of reports, then says she “got the memo” and lays the blame on someone else’s doorstep, and then says the information was of no value because it was “old news”. perhaps madam secretary is finally beginning to feel the heat for her culpability in the 9/11 attacks and is shooting for the plausible deniability excuse. whatever it is, i would give anything to have madeline albright back in the driver seat but then, who wouldn’t?


there is a theory buzzing around the kingdom of george the first that it is the democrats who have created this horrible scandal that has become the focus of every media outlet in america. according to some, this is the fault of the liberals and george soros and abc news for bringing out this information five weeks before the midterm elections. it is bill clinton’s fault for not doing something even though it was supposedly going on before he took office. and it is the democrats fault for making this a partisan issue. those poor, poor republicans. how ever can they come up with an excuse for cloaking the sins of one of their own this late in the election year cycle? how can rep. tom reynolds explain how he told the speaker of the house back in july (or march, or whenever) of this problem but still took mark foley’s $100,000 contribution to the national republican congressional committee and convinced foley that he should continue to run? how will blunt and boehner and hastert ever explain that they knew foley was a homosexual, that he had a penchant for young boys, and that he had a history of contacting them via emails and instant messages? whatever will they say back in the home district?

i said i wouldn’t talk about this but it is too much to ignore. this is not an issue of homosexuality. it is not an issue of congressional pages playing a joke on the chairman of the committee for exploited and missing children. it is about the predatory stalking of children by a man who is being shielded by a group of men trying to stay in power. men who would rather put the lives of children at risk than to lose their office or their majority rule.

there has been some confusion as to the technicality of the age of the boys. supposedly the age of consent in washington, d.c. is sixteen. the only problem with that argument is that sixteen year old boys (or seventeen, or eighteen) may be chronologically of age but they are not mature enough to handle that sort of situation. foley likes them young – it didn’t matter to him if they were legal or not. let’s call a spade a spade. this isn’t an issue about a homosexual man. it is an issue of a pedophile using his power and influence to seduce young boys. and every single member of congress who knew about this but chose to keep quiet for the good of the party does not deserve to remain in office.

in this one event there is loss; there is denial; there was absolutely no oversight, and for that, there can be no forgiveness.